The Heart is the Only Hunter
Text message piece, 2017

A site-specific, time-based digital performance through the medium of the audience’s own mobile phones. 

The participant signs up, without knowing exactly what they are signing up for, by using their own phone to send an sms to a certain number with a code. Immediately, they receive the first text message. Over the course of the following three days, 30 text messages are sent to the participant. Together they compose a fragmented love story, which the recipient becomes a part of.

The work is an exploration of love and loneliness, two fundamentally human phenomena, and how these manifest in language and through SMS messages, a medium which only became popular around 15 years ago but has become an essential and very specific part of interpersonal communication. By placing the art work in the recipient’s own cell phone, it enters the individual’s most private domain, following you wherever you go and waking you up at night; creating a certain kind of intimacy between the work and the participant.

Activated in Tromsø, NO in December 2017 with a narrative referencing geographical places in the city and taking place during certain, preset days of the week and times of the day, to create the feeling of a real-time experience.

Installation view from ‘Alchemical Romance’, group exhibition at Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO.

Instructional video showing the audience how to sign up to receive the work, displayed on a cell phone screen during exhibition. 

First text message sent to subscriber.