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Malin Lin Nordström
Multidisciplinary artist from Sweden/Taiwan
Based in Tromsø, Norway

Creating immersive environments and interactive situations, Malin invites her audience to experiences in the borderland between reality and fiction. Dissolving the boundaries between science and belief, she builds participatory rooms for shared exploration of actions and rituals in a time of secularity and globalization. In her video projections and sound installations Malin often utilises remix and montage techniques to emphasize and juxtapose found texts and images, disclosing power dynamics and cognitive dissonance.

Often inspired by new technology, current political issues and her own upbringing in-between the European and Asian continents, she closely examines language, interactions and everyday performativity, delving into affect commodification and decision-making ethics, questioning contradictions and exploitation. At the core of her practice lies a fascination for the human experience – the ways we make meaning, identity and relationships.


Solo/duo shows 
2018: “Forever is a long time” w/ Sara Hellåker @ Vålmen Festival, Mölndal, SE
2018: “In the Event of My Death (Funeral Rehearsal II)”, solo @ Galleri Fisk, Bergen, NO
2018: “In the Event of My Death”, solo @ 14-54, Towada, JP
2018: “Holy Smokes” w/ Anton Benois @ Small Projects, Tromsø, NO
2018: “Defying Decoherence”, solo @ Futile Endeavours apartment gallery, Tromsø, NO

Selected group shows
2019: “Ode to the Moon” and “Horisonter”, part of “The Space Between Us”  @ Centre for Contemporary Con-artists domestic gallery, Tromsø, NO
2019: “Terra Incognita”, video installation @ Intonal Festival, Inkonst, Malmö, SE
2019: “Shoot” w/Bianca Hisse @ UK Young Artists, Nottingham, UK
2018: “Swim with Dolphins”, video screening @ Arctic Moving Image and Film Festival, Harstad, NO
2018: “I’m sorry”, video screening @ Kulturnatta Tromsø, NO
2018: “Moja på tvoja”, exhibition @ Selektor Festival, Arkhangelsk, RU (Curated by Kurant Visningsrom, Tromsø, NO)
2018: ‘Ghosts of Revolutions Past’, public art commission @ Tromsø Business and Economics School, NO
2018: ‘Flash Future 1997’, collaborative audiovisual project, part of group exhibition ‘Science and Life’ @ Titanikas, Vilnius, LT
2017: ‘Swim with Dolphins’, part of group exhibition @ Galleri Seilduken, Oslo, NO
2017: ‘The Heart is the Only Hunter’, part of group exhibition ‘Alchemical Romance’ @ Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO
2017: ‘The Choreography of Dreams’, part of group exhibition @ Galleri Monitor, Gothenburg, SE
2016: ‘The Ghost in the Back of Your Head’, part of group exhibition @ Gothenburg School of Art, SE

2018: “What If”, text work series in Tromsø Open fanzine, NO
2018: “Moja på tvoja”, Selektor Festival, Arkhangelsk, RU
2017: ‘15 plants and 1 bird’ @ Mondo Books, Lofoten International Art Festival, NO

June 2019: Kråkeslottet, Senja, NO
September 2018: Selektor Festival, Arkhangelsk, RU
June 2018: 1454, Towada, JP

Grants and awards
2019: Frifond
2019: Helge Ax:son Johnson

2018-ongoing: Nomadic domestic gallery Futile Endeavours
2017–ongoing: Live video projections @ various clubs and concerts
2017-2019: Curating/coordinating exhibitions for Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, NO

Selected education
2017–2020: BA Contemporary Art, Tromsø Academy of Art, NO
2017: Photography, Valand Academy of Arts, SE
2016: Fine Arts / Printmaking, Gothenburg School of Art, SE