The Friend List
Digital performance, 2018

Paraphrasing Sophie Calle’s The Address Book, the audience is invited to utilize the artist’s list of facebook friends to pose questions about the artist. As the audience enter the room, they are offered an instruction sheet and a binder with a list of the artist’s facebook friends. At the back of the room, the artist is seated at a desk with the computer screen projected onto the wall, showing facebook messenger. 

Research shows that humans have the capacity to maintain 150 social relationships, and that collecting a large number of facebook friends suggests a preoccupation with material values, and can be compared to collecting physical objects. In an attempt to activate the human aspect of facebook friendships, the audience is invited to use the artist as a medium to ask any person from the friend list any question regarding the artist. The performance also explores the limits of the private and the public in the digital age. However, the attempt to make a genuine connection is an inherent failure, as the facebook friends involved are reduced to involuntary actors in a game rather than individual, human beings.

Activated as a part of group exhibition at Kunstakademiet Tromsø, Norway.