Terra Incognita

4-channel video installation, 2019

Four videos sampling early sci fi movies from the birth of cinema until the first moonlanding, archive footage from the first moonlanding, footage from NASA and Hubble of the moon and other space phenomena, current promo material from NASA; and texts inspired by early NASA studies on space colonization and various scientific and non-scientific descriptions of the moon. 

The four videos are of various lengths (7-38 min) and shown simultaneously in the same space in order to juxtapose the theme of each video: Desire, Domination, Exploration and Fear. The various narratives which are touched upon include: human species designing and building space ships, venturing into space, discovering other planets; romantic images of celestial bodies and space phenomena; aliens as intimidating, violent, unknown threats; and women and female aliens as objects of desire.

In this work, space takes the role as a projection surface, revealing how we approach and relate to the unknown – the way we project dreams, desire and fear onto what is unknown to us. 

Installed at Intonal festival, Inkonst, Malmö, Sweden, 2019