In the Event of My Death
Installation and interactive performance, 2018

There is one way into this world, but many ways to leave it. Funerals are the occasion for avoiding people or holding parties, for fighting or having sexual orgies, for weeping or laughing, in a thousand different combinations. Death rituals can be performed in many ways from the most simple act of deportment in solitude to the engagement of large masses of people in laborious and creative festivities.

In this exploration of death as a rite of passage, the artist builds her own funeral ceremony in the intersection between secular and spiritual rituals in contemporary Sweden, Taiwan and Japan. The audience is invited to join the funerary rites.

On arrival, each person in the audience is given a ceremony program and an envelope containing a white lace scarf to wear during the ceremony, a flower and a sheet of origami paper, both to be offered at the altar during or after the ceremony, and a small container of salt for cleansing after the funeral. The ceremony program consists of live music, recorded music, videos of friends and family playing music and reading poems, the artist reading a poem and an invitation to approach and offer something at the altar . As the audience steps out of the mourning room after the ceremony, they are asked to remove the funeral scarf before joining the following celebration. 

Installed and activated at 1454, Towada, Japan in June 2018.