Soundscape, 17 min 30 s, 2018

A sound piece presented as part of a duo exhibition with Sara Hellåker, who showed sculptural textile works. The starting point for the collaboration was the common theme of human emotions and relations. In this piece, I wanted to work with longing as an emotion or a place to be and stay in; reflecting on distance and the unique human capacity of imagination making us able to see the difference between what is and what could be, between what we have and what we want, and the difference or distance between the two is perhaps what defines or constitutes longing or desire. Rebecca Solnit writes about blue as the colour of longing – only from afar we can perceive mountains or forests as blue. Can longing be an emotinal state to linger in, to examine, instead of something to be left behind or overcome? 

Using current billboard chart top songs from my second home country – the eternal object of longing and fantasies, symbolizing the Other life which can never become reality – I made a sound piece based on samples, repeated and manipulated digitallty, mainly using an algoritm that extends a moment to an eternity. 

The sound piece in it’s entirety can be downloaded here

Exhibited as a part of duo exhibition “Forever is a long time” in collaboration with Sara Hellåker, Vålmen Festival, Mölndal, Sweden.