Holy Smokes

Interactive performance, video and sound, 2018
In collaboration with Anton Benois. Activated at Small Projects, Tromsø.

An exploration of rituals for healing and how they can be applied in a contemporary context. Incense, vapour and smoke from tobacco and other plants have commonly been used in various rituals for healing and communication with the spirit world. In an attempt to build an updated, contemporary version of a healing ritual, the following elements were included:
-A vaporiser
-Homemade e-juice for the vaporiser
-Seawater collected from Tromsøysundet
-Salt spread in a circle
-Chia sprouts

The vape juice contained herbs and roots foraged in Tromsø (see video below):
-Sage for immortality, wisdom and granting of wishes.
-Lavender for emotional balance, love and calmness.
-Parsley for vitality, passion and remembering the dead.
-Lemon balm for soothing emotional pains and fulfilling personal desires.
-Masterwort, “the divine remedy”, for strength, courage and protection.

The audience was invited to participate in the ritual by having their hands washed with the seawater, repeating certain ceremonial words, vaping from the e-cigarette, and ingesting a chia sprout. 

The ceremony was accompanied by binaural beats using one of the Solfeggio frequencies at 528 Hz for transformation, miracles and DNA repair, resonating at 2 Hz Delta brainwaves for regeneration and healing. The sound can be downloaded here (listen in headphones for binaural effect).