Ghosts of Revolutions Past

Site-specific sound installation, 2018

A tribute to the workers on whom we depend for our prosperity, wealth and high standards of living. The sound is inspired by the industrial revolution and consists of field recordings collected on the internet, recorded by people from around the world (Chile, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea, Sweden) and shared under Creative Commons. The work is installed in a corridor where students and staff pass by everyday but few people spender any larger amounts of time. The sound is dynamic, sometimes more noticeable and sometimes blending in to the environment. It is installed using a parametric, hyper directional speaker which focuses sound at high intensity into a small area, like a laser beam of sound, allowing only someone passing by directly in front of the speaker to hear the sound. 

Installed at Tromsø Business and Economics School, April–November 2018.

Download the sound piece in it’s entirety here

Please note that the sound in the video below is distorted due to the nature of ultrasonic soundwaves.