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Multi-channel video installation, fabric, soundscape, fans (2020)
The beat of your heart and the blood rushing through your veins, the ebb and flow of the tide, your lungs filling up and emptying. You breathe in and breathe out, you fall into the rhythm, you are the rhythm. The soft pulsating of a body – your body, or the body of a stranger.

During the summer my trips to the sea were filled with an increasing amount of jellyfish. The news revealed that there were indeed an abundance of jellyfish this year, all along the coast. At the same there were reports forecasting this year to be the hottest in history. Some say that as the oceans get warmer, only certain species will survive.

This project takes its starting point in a fascination for water and the ways it connects us to all other organisms through its constant flow. For a short moment, the flow pauses, taking shape as the thing you call your body, and a moment later it continues its journey. As the oceans become warmer, everything changes. Which beings flourish, and which fail, when natural and cultural worlds intermingle and collide? Four degrees doesn’t seem like much, but in the Arctic Ocean, it’s like having summer for the first time in millions of years.

Filmed in the Skagerrak and in the Norwegian Sea.
Soundscape by Louisa Palmi Danielsson.


September 2020 @ Mack Øst, Tromsø, Norway