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Sound piece, 19 min (2019)
In dialogue with a silent partner, the narrator discusses questions concerning violence, weapons, criminality and political action. The conversation develops into a rhythmic, repetitive monologue with reflections on direct violence, institutional violence and political violence; revealing and juxtaposing the contradictions in contemporary society – but also in the narrators own account.

As the sound piece unfolds, the narrator slowly shifts her standpoint: from wishing for a peaceful world, to stating that some types of violence are sanctioned and institutionalized, to declaring that passivity is also a form of violence, and in the end expressing a wish to kill the president.

The sound piece was created in dialogue with a choreography made by Bianca Hisse (based on the film Bande à part by Jean-Luc Godard).

In collaboration with Bianca Hisse.

Feb 2019 @ UK Young Artists, Nottingham, UK (w/ dance piece Dynamics of Reflection by Bianca Hisse)

Photo courtesy of Bianca Hisse.