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Interactive installation and performance (2019)
A multidisciplinary project exploring notions of desire and longing. Presented as a one night performative event where the audience is invited into an immersive environment – a room filled with haze, laser beams, video projections, silk panels hanging from the ceiling and a soundscape playing in loudspeakers. The soundscape is rendered interactive through an Arduino-based interface that allows the audience to modify the soundscape, slowing down the tempo of it as they touch the silk. The installation is complemented by a live music performance.

In collaboration with Louisa Palmi Danielsson, Kristine Rød and Jess Perrin. Photos by Silja Lomakka, video by Rebekka Christophersen and Terje Grimen.

December 2019 @ Futile Endeavors, Tromsø, NO