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Sound walk (2023), 15 min

A sound piece to be listened to while walking. Put your headphones on and embark on an immersive sonic journey, the narrator’s voice directing your attention to the surrounding environment as well as your own bodily rhythm and movements while putting one foot in front of the other. In a contemplative as well as humoristic experience the listener is invited to reflect on the act of walking as a way to approach longing, thinking, the unknown, and doing nothing.

The piece is 15 min long and was originally commissioned by Konstfrämjandet Västernorrland and Västernorrlands Museum for the outdoors exhibition Wander/Wonder taking place along a hiking trail in Örnsköldsvik. More information about the project can be found here. Review in Volym here.

June–Sept 2023 @ Konstfrämjandet Västernorrland / Västernorrlands Museum, Örnsköldsvik. Curated by Helena Byström and Lina Aastrup.