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Sound piece, 17 min 30 s
Using samples of pop music, this piece reflects on longing as an emotion or a place to be and stay in; distance and the unique human capacity of imagination making us able to see the difference between what is and what could be, between what we have and what we want, and the difference or distance between the two as what defines or constitutes longing or desire. Can longing be an emotional state to linger in, to examine, instead of something to be left behind or overcome?

Oct 2018 @ Vålmen Festival, Mölndal, Sweden (part of duo exhibition “Forever is a long time” w/ Sara Hellåker) 

June 2019 @ Centre for Contemporary Con-Artists, Tromsø, Norway

Installation view, with sculptures by Sara Hellåker, @ Vålmen. Photo: Sara Hellåker