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Interactive performance, binaural sounds and video (2018)
An exploration of rituals for healing and how they can be applied in a secular context. Incense, vapour and smoke from tobacco and other plants have commonly been used in various rituals for healing and communication with the spirit world. In this updated, contemporary version of a healing ritual, the following elements were included: A vaporiser, homemade e-juice for the vaporiser, seawater collected from Tromsøysundet, salt spread in a circle and chia sprouts.

The herbs and roots foraged in Tromsø are traditionally used for immortality, wisdom, emotional balance, vitality, love, strength, protection and fulfillment of personal desires. 

The audience was invited to participate in the ritual and the ceremony was accompanied by binaural beats using one of the Solfeggio frequencies at 528 Hz for transformation, miracles and DNA repair, resonating at 2 Hz Delta brainwaves for regeneration and healing. 

In collaboration with Anton Benois. 
Photos by Ruth Aitken.

May 2018 @ Small Projects, Tromsø, Norway