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Site-specific sound installation (2018)
A tribute to workers, based on field recordings shared on the internet under Creative Commons and recorded in Chile, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, India, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, South Korea and Sweden. Installed at Tromsø Business and Economics School using a parametric, hyper directional speaker which focuses sound at high intensity into a small area, like a laser beam of sound, allowing only someone passing by directly in front of the speaker to hear the sound.

The speaker is hidden, and the sound beam bouncing across the walls of the corridor creates the illusion that the sound comes from somewhere inside the walls or ceiling. The dynamics of the sound volume and contents adds to the unpredictability and building a sense of mystery – maybe even of the corridor being haunted by ghosts.

Using field recordings from machines and sites related to the industrial revolution, presented in the everyday environment of the economic leaders of the future, the piece attempts to highlight the prerequisites of our current economic system, globalization of supply chains and the gaps between different demographic groups in this system. Collecting materials within the system of creative commons also emphasizes the growing culture of sharing economy and its inherent potential criticism on the current system.

April 2018: Permanent installation @ Tromsø Business and Economics School, Tromsø, Norway