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Series of sculptures made out of wood and metal (2022)
A series of sculptures exploring longing and grief. Made out of dead wood collected during solo excursions in forests in Sweden. 

“Something is wrong. I’m not sure what, but I need to do something about it. I work out more, eat less gluten, put the phone away, meditate, read books on how to improve your relationships, take more walks, eat less sugar, do a tarot reading, call a friend, go to therapy, search my soul. I don’t know exactly what is missing, but I long to never need anything again. My desire is difficult to articulate. Words are not enough, they are always an approximation. Sometimes the body knows more. I walk for miles and hours in solitude, find a rhythm, my thoughts meander like roots. I fantasize about dissolving, becoming one with something larger. The eyes see, the hands find, a knife follows a shape. Failed attempts to repair what’s broken, resurrect something dead, reverse time. To try (in vain) to find comfort in it. I fall asleep and wake up among those who have seen ten of my lifetimes or more. I feel insignificant. Time is all there is, my inadequacy is all I have.”

Documentation photos by Malin Lin Nordström (1-7), Jasmin Daryani (8-9) and Alexander Rynéus (10-12). 

Jan 2022 @ MFA solo exhibition, Galleri Konstfack, Stockholm
Feb–May 2022 @ Länsmuseet Gävleborg, Gävle
May 2022 @ Konstfacks vårutställning, Stockholm
June–Aug 2022 @ Konsthallen Meken, Smedjebacken