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Underwater choreographed performance (2022)
An underwater choreographed performance exploring humans relationship to the sea, longing, and the dissolving of dichotomies. In collaboration with a synchronized swimming coach and a group of freedivers. 

As long as I can remember I have been having dreams about the sea. Sometimes it is calm and comforting, sometimes it is dark and stormy. Somehow I am never afraid. The dream of the sea is a dream of an embrace. Of safety, comfort, of dissolving and becoming one with something larger. I think a lot about where my body ends and where the next person begins. I think about how we are made up in large parts of water, that all the seas and waters of the earth are connected, that the sea is inside of all of us, that we all came from the sea.

My longing for and interest in the sea intensified when I was living in Tromsø, with the proximity to the water and the warming of the sea more present than ever with the Arctic ocean around the corner and the history and identity of Northern Norway as villages and societies living off what the sea would give – the fish of course but from the 1970s also oil and gas.

Can we dissolve, re-imagine our boundaries, the way we structure our language and our world? What if the dichotomies we use to perceive our world are just one looking glass. We don’t have the words to describe a world without dichotomies, but perhaps our bodies understand more.

Synchronized swimming coach: Christina Neerland
Performers: Christina Neerland, Maren Christine Hansen, Siri Elena Döttrerer, Marina Borovaya, Angelo Ciambelli
Documentation photos: Daniela Toma

With support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

September 2022 @ Open Out Festival, Tromsø, Norway