Malin Lin Nordström

Multidisciplinary artist from Sweden/Taiwan • Currently based in Tromsø, Norway • about

Terra Incognita

4-channel video installation, 2019
Four videos sampling early sci-fi, archive footage and found material; juxtaposing contradictory narratives in exploring space as a symbol for the unknown and a projection screen for our fears, dreams and desires.

Moja på tvoja
Sound piece and publication, 2018

An exploration of the dynamics and fluidity of language, the intersections between languages in specific geographic and cultural contexts, and the ways language carry and transmit tradition and rituals. An attempt to uncover the everyday rituals used to build common traditions, ceremonies and frames for the act of trading, using an extinct trading language as a starting point.

In the Event of My Death (Funeral Rehearsal II)
Interactive installation and performance, 2018

A continuation of explorations of rites of passages and rituals surrounding death, this piece offers a ceremonial room that acts as a second funeral rehearsal but also as a shared space for contemplating death, loss and life’s transience. The audience is invited to join the rituals by offering building blocks for a personalized ceremony. 

I’m Sorry
Video, 6 min 40 s, 2018

An attempt to connect and juxtapose geographical distance and emotional distance.


Soundscape, 2018
A sound piece reflecting on distance and longing as an emotional state to linger in.

In the Event of My Death

Installation and interactive performance, 2018
An exploration of death as a rite of passage, where the artist builds her own funeral ceremony in the intersection between secular and spiritual rituals in contemporary Sweden, Taiwan and Japan.

Ghosts of Revolutions Past

Site-specific sound installation, 2018
A tribute to workers, installed at Tromsø Business and Economics School.

The Friend List

Digital performance, 2018
Paraphrasing Sophie Calle’s The Address Book, the audience is invited to utilize the artist’s list of facebook friends to pose any questions about the artist. In an attempt to activate the human aspect of facebook friendships, the performance explores the limits of the private and the public in the digital age. 

Holy Smokes

Interactive performance, video and sound, 2018
An exploration of rituals for healing and how they can be applied in a contemporary context.

Defying Decoherence

Site-specific performance, 2018
What if we are not located at a single time, but exist in a temporally scattered condition, spread out in time the same way we are spread out in space? An exploration of time and repetition.

Sage and Salt

Site-specific performance, 2017
Exploring the act of walking as an inauguration ritual.

The Heart is the Only Hunter
Text message piece, 2017

An exploration of love and loneliness through the medium of the audience’s own cell phones.

Try It, You’ll Like It
Photograph and fanzine, 2017
A search for the feeling of belonging and attempt to understand how it might be materialized through traditional costumes; raising questions about cultural appropriation and its implications.

Swim with Dolphins

Video, 3 min 40 s, 2017
In lifestyle blogs and on social media we share our dreams freely. But how do we really spend our free time? Ordinary Swedish people tell their stories anonymously on large internet forums such as Familjeliv and Flashback.

Forbidden Fire

Embroidery on used pillow cases, 2017
The dreams of one stranger meet the dreams of another.

Spotless Overnight

Series of photographs, 2017
A peek into the most private place in our homes, in a time when our dwellings have become yet another stage for self-realization and projection of identity and lifestyle.

Vapour Trails

Series of photographs, 2016
An examination of the places in a city where the ghost of somebody long gone still lingers.

Statistisk signifikans

Series of diagrams, 2015
An investigation of mathematical language and how it can be used to approach emotional experiences.