In the Event of My Death (Funeral Rehearsal II)
Interactive installation and performance, 2018

A continuation of explorations of rites of passages and rituals surrounding death, this piece offers a ceremonial room that acts as a second funeral rehearsal but also as a shared space for contemplating death, loss and life’s transience. The audience is invited to join the rituals.  

In this second version of the funeral, shown in Bergen, the ceremony is built using the help of locally sourced materials: Stone, soil and leaves collected in Bergen, plant cuttings from Fløyen, seawater from Byfjorden; in combination with objects from the previous version of the funeral: funeral incense and funeral candles from Japan and hand made lace scarves from Sweden.  

Upon entering the room, the audience is offered building blocks for a personalized ritual: plant cuttings, sea water, incense, pen and paper, lace scarves, and a text guide for your thoughts. The audience is instructed on how to use these objects and the room is equipped with a small altar. On the walls and on a semi-transparent wall of fabric, digitally remixed versions of vanitas paintings are projected, in the air there’s a light haze filling the room. 

Live music performance during the opening ceremony and soundscape by Noah Hallström.

Exhibited at Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway.