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Malin Lin Nordström

Multidisciplinary artist from Sweden/Taiwan
Currently based in Tromsø, Norway

In my work I explore concepts such as the routines and repetition of day-to-day life; rituals and spirituality in a secular context; the shaping of relationships in digital media; the impact of work and employment on our emotional life; and aspects of identity such as culture and nationality.

The concepts and themes that I work with are rooted in a wider interest in the human psychology in a globalized, late capitalist society, and how these can be observed and understood on a smaller scale in everyday life. In particular, I am interested in the ways we make meaning, identity and relationships.

Often using autobiographical experiences as a starting point, I employ my own being investigating actions, places and interactions. My work is mainly performative, often interactive and incorporating new technology. I also work with sound, video and installation. My choice of medium is directed by the context and concept of each work.